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Van Gemert Memorials is uniquely qualified to assist you in selecting and manufacturing your memorial. We are proud to have our own designer to assist you should you have a special design in mind or you can select a standard design from one of our numerous design books. Memorials come in a variety of shapes and colors. They can be flush to the ground (flat), slightly pitched (bevel), slanted (slant), or an upright monument which is usually a tablet on a base. We also offer mausoleums, columbariums, benches and special memorials for cremains. In choosing a memorial, there are several important decisions that you will need to make. We are pleased to share with you just a few examples of the hundreds of memorials we have produced over the years to assist you in making this very personal and important decision. We have many standard designs and colors to choose from. We can also design a personalized memorial for you.

Monument ExampleMonument Example

Monument Markers

Monuments and markers come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Van Gemert Memorials can accommodate any type of monument you want for your loved one. Some of the more standard styles of markers include:

  • Slant - markers are designed to keep within certain budget restrictions, but still can be seen from a greater distance than the other markers. While the length of the slant is the same as the flush and bevel markers the height is usually 16" in the back and slant toward the ground.
  • Flat/Grass - markers are designed to be placed at ground level for easier cemetery maintenance. Typically these markers are 20" to 24" long and 10" to 12" inches in width for a single person. A double marker can run from 30" to 48" in length with variable widths.
  • Bevel - people will recognize a bevel marker as it sits above ground and the back is slightly (1" to 2") higher than the front. The lengths and widths are similar to the flush markers and are usually 6" to 8" high in the back.
  • Upright Monument - memorial consists usually of two pieces. The tablet is where the name and design are usually found. The tablet can be any size, shape, color and style and have any type of engraving. The tablet sits on a granite base which elevates and protects it from damage due to equipment at the cemetery.
Marker ExampleMonument Example

Hmong Monuments

Van Gemert Memorials works closely with Hmong families to honor their loved ones that have passed on. We have done many custom sized and etched monuments for families to represent their home country as well as the life that they have created here. We are able to blend many different design ideas for families to create the most beautiful representation of that person or couple.


We have mausoleums for single crypt entombment up to multiple crypt walk in private family estate mausoleums. Van Gemert Memorials stands alone with the ability to design, build and install family estate mausoleums at prices you will not find anywhere else. We know all steps from initial design of the mausoleum to the final landscaping and everything in between. We can even help work with you in finding the perfect cemetery property.

Mausoleum Example


A memorial bench allows you to commemorate a person who has passed while providing a spot to sit and reflect. Bench memorials are made of at least 2 pieces of granite. Simplest of these bench monuments has a seat and two harp shaped legs supporting it. Having a bench headstone works good in more than one ways. Bench provides a space to sit near the grave and reflect upon the memories. Also the monument provides space for engraving names, dates, artwork and pictures.

Bench Example

Infant Markers

We are here to help you and your family through the thoughtful process of choosing an appropriate memorial for your cherished infant or child. We are committed to providing the support you need throughout the design process, so you can find comfort in knowing that your child will be memorialized in a unique and beautiful way. Our Baby Markers are available in many lovely, creative designs and colors of granite. You have the option to design a flat, bevel, slant, or upright granite baby marker. Some cemeteries may have specific requirements for baby markers.

Infant Marker Example


Bronze offers you an alternative to traditional granite. Van Gemert Memorials has a large selection of bronze markers and other bronze products. Bronze can be use as an accent feature on a granite monument. Bronze can be used as the focal point of a monument. Government markers are often made of bronze, and we can design a companion marker to duplicate the bronze Veterans’ marker. We will customize any of our bronze markers to fit your needs.

Bronze Example
It was truly a pleasure working with you to get the perfect headstone for our daughter, Elena. Your kindness and generosity are beyond compare.

Kyle & Maria Kearns

Words cannot express our gratitude for taking care of John's monument. We are very grateful.

The family of John Leiterman

Thank you on behalf of my family for the beautiful memorial marker you did for my brother, the design is so fitting for him. It is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

Lynn Janssen

Thank you very much for your care and concern for me and our family as we chose our memorial. It looks "awesome".

Marjorie Wellner

Thank you for the wonderful job that everyone had done for us on the memorial stone. It is so beautiful.

Pete, Dan & Holly Sternard

Your service is wonderful and the stone is beautiful!

Sharon Kent & Family

Thank you for all your patience, guidance and support through the process of creating the memorial stone. It was truly a blessing to have you there to help us.

Debbie & Jenny Anderegg

Just a note to tell you how please we are with the headstone you engraved for us. The quality of work is unsurpassed.

David & Elaine Demro

You all did a very good job, the monument looks just great! I will pass the good word out.

Marv K.

Thank you so much for the work on our monument. It is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I am more than satisfied, I am grateful.

Mary Carlson