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Hand Etchings

In the 20 years of Diamond hand etching, a whole new generation of memorial design was started. This artwork is created by using several different electric tools with diamond tips, to "scratch" the polished surface of the granite. Van Gemert’s, Artists, has for over 25 years created stunning personalized artwork. Working personally with families to take photos, artwork, or ideas and turn them into lasting memories, Van Gemert’s portfolio of hand etched memorial art is the finest.

Laser Etchings

Although the appearance of hand etch and laser etch look very similar the technique is completely different. Instead of a "scratch" from the diamond tip hand etching tool, the laser hits the granite with an 8000 degree beam of light in a burst that last approximately one-ten thousandth of a second. The heat of the beam actually explodes a light dot with is 1/200th of an inch in diameter. This dot matrix type of process allows photographic quality engravings to be permanently placed onto the granite.

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It was truly a pleasure working with you to get the perfect headstone for our daughter, Elena. Your kindness and generosity are beyond compare.

Kyle & Maria Kearns

Words cannot express our gratitude for taking care of John's monument. We are very grateful.

The family of John Leiterman

Thank you on behalf of my family for the beautiful memorial marker you did for my brother, the design is so fitting for him. It is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

Lynn Janssen

Thank you very much for your care and concern for me and our family as we chose our memorial. It looks "awesome".

Marjorie Wellner

Thank you for the wonderful job that everyone had done for us on the memorial stone. It is so beautiful.

Pete, Dan & Holly Sternard

Your service is wonderful and the stone is beautiful!

Sharon Kent & Family

Thank you for all your patience, guidance and support through the process of creating the memorial stone. It was truly a blessing to have you there to help us.

Debbie & Jenny Anderegg

Just a note to tell you how please we are with the headstone you engraved for us. The quality of work is unsurpassed.

David & Elaine Demro

You all did a very good job, the monument looks just great! I will pass the good word out.

Marv K.

Thank you so much for the work on our monument. It is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I am more than satisfied, I am grateful.

Mary Carlson